Portage County

County NamePortage County
PopulationPopulation 125,001 - 175,000
Director NameRyan Shackelford
DepartmentPortage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Address8240 Infirmary Rd.
City/State/ZipRavenna, Ohio 44266
Phone Number(330) 297-3607


Director’s Survey

User IDRyanShackelford
Which County are you filling this form out for?Portage
Director's NameRyan Shackelford
Official County TitleDirector
Email AddressRShackelford@portageco.com
Address8240 Infirmary Rd.
County Population?125,001 - 175,000
Is the EMA Director position full time?YES
How many hours per week are considered full time?40+
How many hours per week do you typically work?50-70
What is the EMA Director's salary?63,500
What is the EMA Director’s salary range?55,000 - 63,500
Highest level of education of the EMA Director?Master's Degree
How many years have you been a county EMA Director?Since March 26,2007 (4yrs)
How many years have you been in the emergency management profession?4 years with 27 years law enforcement
Number of Staff in office?3 Includng myself
If you have staff, what are their titles and salary ranges for these positions?37,500
How is your Emergency Management Agency organized according to the Ohio Revised Code? (ie. What elected official/board do you report to?)Board of Commissioners (5502.271)
Where does your Emergency Management Agency's budget comes from:County, EMPG, Homeland Security equipment grants
If so, what and how much time is spent on them?80